Product Info

An IIoT Smart Sensor Device Platform enabling Instant Remote Condition Monitoring.

Standard Dashboard or Customized Solution

  • Standard Browser Based Dashboard for immediate use on multiple devices anywhere in the world with Internet connection
  • Desktop PC, Tablets, and Mobile
  • Allows for customized facility-specific applications
  • Quickly sync any number of Conscious Smart Sensor(s)
  • Easy activation of advanced features with our advanced modular design
  • No background in Programming, Computer Information Systems, or Hardware/Software necessary
  • Advanced features and data available for download in Engineer friendly formats .json, .csv, .xml
  • Text and Email alerts
  • Team communication features
  • Ability to tie in data, to and from, other sources allowing adaptation and growth in the system
  • Trending and access to historical data for individual review if needed
  • Guided Machine Learning, A.I., and Predictive Analytics

Cloud Connected

  • Position any number of Conscious devices, easily and securely connect to the cloud, and instantly access your encrypted data with a user-friendly, browser-based dashboard, on your PC, Tablet, or Mobile device.
  • Real Time Data Collection and Historical Data accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
  • Cloud based Data Analytics, Performance Metrics, Guided Machine Learning and A.I. to compliment Edge Computing capability
  • Cross system compatible with other cloud and dashboard services

Mounting Configurations

  • Standard Mount Case
  • Standard Mount Case Adapters.  We help you get started quickly with the right choice.
  • Bosch Rexroth Motor Compatibility.  Direct-Fit Smart Sensor Models for Legacy and New Frame Sizes (Please inquire).  A  Conscious Smart Sensor can be mounted and activated on a Bosch Rexroth MAD, 2AD, ADF, and MAF in minutes providing immediate motor condition data.  Advanced SMART IIoT Motor Conversions also available.  We add additional sensors to an older motor during service or to a new motor (see lower Sidebar image of sensor wires on a MAD130 Frame).  These sensors are then connected to the Conscious Smart Sensor Unit attached to the motor.  Allows your Legacy equipment to compete with new Smart Industry 4.0 offerings.
  • Other Case and Adapter Options Available
  • Custom mounting options on request
  • We are frequently expanding mounting options and compatibility with other Motors, Machines, and Process Equipment.  Please contact use if you would like our sensor adapted to a particular brand or style.
  • Integration Services Available

Additional Hardware Specifications

  • Powerful Edge Computing 32 Bit ARM® Cortex™-M4F Extended Temperature Industrial Processor
  • Includes several modular on-board sensors for immediate ROI with ability to connect to external sensors
  • Nine DoF Mems sensor,  Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Temperature sensors, and Accelerometer(s) built into one device standard
  • Acceleration, Vibration, and Frequency Analysis (Range is Module specific, configurable based on need)
  • On board 4Gb SD card storage for data collection during Wireless Bridge Loss and other features
  • Leading-Edge Hibernation and Power Policies
  • Battery Powered with Advanced Charging and Power Harvesting features Patent Pending.  We use power storage as a buffer and to accumulate excess harvested energy.
  • Instantly and easily creates a secure plug-and-play IIoT distributed wireless sensor network for an instant smart environment
  • A modular and expandable Smart Sensor for your Smart Factory solution. Adaptable to your needs.  Add as many units as you wish at any time and/or add sensors to existing units.
  • Use by itself or within another system already in place
  • Brownfield and Greenfield compatible or use a Hybrid Approach to go from Legacy to New at your pace
  • We take out the IoT/IIoT  guesswork and give you an unparalleled ROI
  • Wireless communication with Ethernet connectivity if needed.  Other communication modules in development.
  • Leading-Edge Hibernation and Power Policies
  • Battery Powered with Advanced Charging and Power Harvesting features Patent Pending.  We use power storage as a buffer and to accumulate excess harvested energy.
  • Additional Edge Computing Sensor Features slated for 2019
  • Smart Sensor Firmware is Remote Update Capable for Future Proofing your installation
  • Entirely Modular and Scaleable to your needs from internal hardware modules to the entire system
  • Rugged construction with up to IP68 protection rating depending on configuration.  See Rugged Construction of the Conscious Remote Sensor
  • Standard Case or Custom Options available.  In house production for a fast turn around of custom options.
  • -40C to +85C Continuous
  • Safe and Secure data transmission and storage utilizing the latest encryption technology