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How rugged is the Conscious Sensing Hardware?  This one is still in use and is only dismounted for the servicing of the monitored motor / gearbox assembly.  It survives regular wash downs and will be put right back work as-is!


The root of the Internet of Things is simply to know what is going on with everything.  How would you like to know as much about your operation as possible?  Imagine your 300 Electric Motors on a Printing Press Monitored by Conscious Smart Devices.  You would have a much better idea when Motor 2 on Tower  8 would fail instead of having that motor seize to a halt at 2:37 AM while printing your customers morning paper.  

By being aware of the condition beforehand you would have Scheduled Maintenance when it was convenient for you, your company, and, most importantly, your customer.  This idea applies for everyone.  A camshaft grinder in Automotive, a packaging machine,  a bottling line… (add yours here).  The possibilities are endless.

Your equipment, your machines, they literally sing you a song when they operate.  Odd sounding for a song for sure but a song you should understand.  Conscious Smart Sensor Nodes can help.  When attached to your machines, they listen to, record, and help determine the condition and state of your equipment so you know how to plan for production, maintenance and any needed repairs on your time, not your customer’s.  Peace of mind, less stress, and better productivity.  Be aware, be Conscious.


Simply put, Brownfield refers to Legacy or older equipment while Greenfield refers to new installations.  Most likely Greenfield installations have some sort of connected IIoT services.

Brownfield describes most Industrial installations.  Brownfield factories are also likely peppered with some newer Greenfield or semi-Greenfield equipment.  Conscious excels in bringing everything together in a Hybrid approach.  A Conscious unit can be mounted to an older electric motor while another Conscious Smart Sensor unit is mounted to a new piece of equipment with both reporting to your dashboard.  Both the Brownfield and Greenfield equipment communicates to the Conscious Dashboard which you can view at any time from a Tablet, PC, or Mobile Phone.




For example, a Conscious Smart Sensor could be mounted on an electric motor in your HVAC system monitoring temperature, vibration, bearing condition, along with natural gas and carbon monoxide detection.  At the same time an on-board sensor, included in the standard unit, could monitor building sway in taller buildings.  A custom dashboard addition could show this graphically if desired.  Other types of sensors could be added as well.

Each Conscious Smart Sensor has an on-board SD card for data storage in the event of a wireless bridge loss or other type of disconnection.  Upon reconnecting to the Cloud our Conscious Smart Sensor gets to work sending the saved data to your Dashboard.   The Conscious Smart Sensor platform may also use this ability in a power saving strategy depending on your application.

Each Conscious IIoT Smart Sensor has the ability to connect additional sensors, both on the main board and an optional expansion board, in keeping with our modular approach.  We will work with you to insure the compatibility of your sensor(s).

An Internet of Things Sensor that can process sensed data onboard.  In some instances the Edge Computer might send data directly to a nearby piece of equipment, a technician, or even another Edge Computing Sensor instead of just sending data to the cloud.  Our Conscious Smart Sensor / IIoT Network Node is not just a sensor or group of sensors.  On-board each unit is a powerful computer that can process data, network operations, and power usage.  Of course, the idea is to get the sensor data to you in the most efficient and secure way possible.

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