The Conscious™ IoT Condition Monitoring Platform was developed outside Chicago by a team who understands the root need for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in a reliable Supply Chain.  Some of our developers are actively involved with the Maintenance and Reliability of Commercial and Industrial facilities since 1978 experiencing the issues the Conscious™ IoT system helps solve through our clients and in our own facility.  From our valued customers’ we regularly feel the pressure of extended downtime.  We see repairs daily that could have been averted and maintenance that could have been planned for in advance.  Conscious™ Smart Sensors and Dashboard is the answer to all of these problems and a valuable tool for your team.

All this experience gave us the use-cases in need of a real solution.  Conceptual development began as far back as 2006 and continued as we started building devices to get data out to a browser based dashboard while leveraging our ability to test real-world conditions at our facility and at a select group of off-site beta partners.

Our background fortifies Machine Learning and A.I. in ways others simply cannot.  There is no substitute for experience.  Today the Conscious™ Platform and Devices are used to monitor our own production as well as the general operations of our parent company.



Philosophy behind the Conscious IIoT Condition Monitoring Platform

Straightforward Industrial Grade IoT in a Secure Self-Contained Ultra Low Power package with Advanced Power Harvesting were at the core of the design right from the start.  Most of our production is done in-house for quality control and flexibility in keeping with the modular philosophy of our entire system.  This approach gives us the ability to create custom mounting configurations from CAD to PART quickly while our core tested product remains the same.

The idea behind Conscious has been under development before the technology to implement was available and the terms “IoT/IIoT” had yet to become the buzzwords we see everywhere today.




Be Aware of  Your Facility with Conscious!