Secure and Real-World Industrial IoT for Remote Condition Monitoring

Smart Sensor Platform for Remote Condition Monitoring of Electric Motors, Pumps, Machines, Structures, and more begins with Conscious™… an ultra-low power, self contained, wireless IoT device with Patent Pending technology.  Paired with a user-friendly dashboard and the power of the Cloud for unattended Remote Condition Monitoring from anywhere on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Future-Fit your facility and make your Legacy Assets Smart

Machine Tool Industries with Conscious IoT

Condition Monitoring Updates and Alerts from Anywhere

Mobile, Desktop, or Tablet

Printing and Packaging Industries with Conscious IoT

  • Smart Sensor Network for Digital Remote Monitoring, enabling predictive maintenance technologies in your facility
  • Onboard sensors for vibration, temperature monitoring, magnetic fields, position, rotation, and more
  • Ability to connect external sensors
  • Immediate Sensor(s) to Cloud Based Dashboard
  • Powerful On-Board Edge Computer and Industrial Wireless Sensor Network Node in one device
  • Advanced Features in a Low Power Package
  • Up to Real-Time Data flow depending on application with unique Patent Pending Power Harvesting approach
  • Rugged IP68 construction
  • Encrypted data sent over a protected connection
  • Secure and User Friendly Dashboard accessed from the Cloud on any device
  • Text and Email alerts
  • Built in Team Communication Features
  • Combine Actionable Data with On-site Maintenance Staff and Remote Service Providers
  • Metadata Integration of Repair and Service history for your monitored equipment
  • Modular and Flexible.  Link 1 unit or 1000+.   On our platform or add to an existing system.
  • Convenient Pricing: HaaS (Hardware as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service), and together as PaaS (Platform as a Service)
  • Use-Cases expanding daily in a wide range of Applications and Industry
  • Increase Plant-Floor visibility while improving Reliability, Quality, and Asset Traceability in the Supply Chain.
  • Industry 4.0 Industrial IoT (IIoT) Brownfield, Greenfield, or Hybrid approach
  • The best solution for gradual adoption of IoT



Immediately benefit from this technology; instantly joining the

Industry 4.0 Smart Factory Revolution. 

Know what is happening – what is about to happen – with any connected device

Gain valuable insight as your data increases and act accordingly.

Be Proactive, not Reactive, to your Maintenance demands.

Conscious IIoT Smart Sensor Condition Monitoring

Helps Prevent Seized Bearings along with the added repair costs. You stop it before it happens and conveniently Schedule Preventive Maintenance. Conscious IIoT gives your facility the tools to save your money.

Conscious IIoT Smart Sensor Condition Monitoring

Catch Electric Motor Rotor Rubbing and the Excessive Downtime it causes. The added costs of your line being down can be extreme! Conscious IIoT Solutions powerful Edge Computing Devices give you the edge

The Conscious IoT Platform and Devices give your Industrial Ecosystem the tools to maximize up-time, arrange preemptive maintenance to your needs, and control excessive repair costs.

Don’t let Downtime Dictate your Schedule…Schedule Downtime with Conscious™ Industrial IoT Condition Monitoring Solutions